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Airstrip Junkies
by Colin M. Graham

Image courtesy of Tavaputs Ranch:

Welcome to Airstrip Junkies, “A comprehensive listing of western backcountry airstrips.” In these pages you will find airstrips located throughout the American West, high in the mountains and low in the salt beds. If you wonder how a backcountry pilot can get an airplane off the ground in 1,500’ at 8000’ elevation, this listing will probably tell you.

As a commercial pilot I do not recommend flying into any of these airstrips – public, private or otherwise – without first getting a few tips from the locals; otherwise, you may well end up as a statistic.  Have a good time learning about these airstrips, and be sure to listen for America’s Pulse next time you visit.


Comments or any additions are Welcome!
Colin M. Graham

Airports Listed Alphabetically:

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