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Sparky at Soldier BarSparky Imeson worked as a policeman while attending the University of Wyoming (pre-dental). Sparky's father, Paul, would fly to Laramie, Wyo. and shuttle Sparky back to Jackson for occasional visits. It was during these flights, when Paul let Sparky try the controls, that the "flying bug" did it's biting. Sparky began flying lessons in July 1966, at the Jackson Hole Airport with Bill Henry, using his father's Piper J-3 and Cessna 205.

Sparky went to Herrod School of Aviation, Billings, Mont. to become a professional pilot. In 1968, Paul, Jennie and Sparky formed Imeson Aviation, Inc. and became an FBO (fixed base operator) at the Jackson Hole Airport.

Back in the old days the AOPA sponsored a Wyoming Tour from Cheyenne, Wyo. to Jackson (and other destinations). Many members wrote or called for specific information about mountain flying and operating at Jackson Hole. Sparky couldn't find a book on the subject, so he put together a handout with recommendations. This attempt at collecting pertinent information caused Sparky to become alarmed at the number of aircraft accidents attributed to mountain flying. Since he couldn't find a book on the subject he sat down and wrote the original Mountain Flying book.

Imeson Aviation, Inc. was sold in August 1979, after 11 years of operation in airplane sales and rentals, fueling, maintenance, flight training, on-demand charter, air ambulance, agricultural aerial application, mosquito spraying, aerobatic training and consulting.

Sparky went on to fly a Piper Cheyenne I and Cheyenne 400LS for an oil company in Denver, a Piper Cheyenne II-XL for a law firm in Denver, Colo., a Citation X for a charter company in Phoenix, and the Citation X as chief pilot for Northrop Grumman Aviation at Hawthorne, Calif. Along the way he received the FAA Northwest Region Flight Instructor of the Year Award in 1974, 1979 and 1995, for providing effective and creative flight and ground instruction. He was named the 2001 Arizona Safety Counselor of the Year for significant contributions to aviation safety.

During 1992 he was asked to go to Brazil for a week to demonstrate a Cheyenne 400LS to a prospective buyer. The week was extended into five months of flying throughout Brasil demonstrating the airplane, performing the aircraft certification flights with the C.T.A. (Brazilian FAA), and training pilots in the airplane. See: Articles: Brazil Adventure

Sandwiched between his flying was one year spent as editor of Wings West Magazine, until Sparky discovered editors don't get much of an opportunity to fly.

Established 1981

Mountain Flying LLC was established in Jackson, Wyo. in 1981. It has been in continuous operation since that time with the sale of aviation books and videos and providing aircraft accident consultation and mountain flying instruction.

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