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John Horn's Gros Ventre airstrip lies 35-nautical miles east of Jackson, Wyo. along the Gros Ventre River. "Gros Ventre" is pronounced "Gro-Vont." The strip is in the center of the photo, running vertically, while the airplane is on final approach toward the east.

The Kinky Creek airstrip is near the top of the mountain in the background in-line with the airstrip.
Horn's strip lies from the center
right to the upper left. It is too
short for a Cessna 172 to takeoff
due to the density altitude, but a
lightly loaded Cessna 182 has no trouble operating here.

Howard Ballew's Gros Ventre
International airstrip lies to the
east of Jackson, Wyoming,
along the east end of Lower
Slide Lake. The strip is between the road on the left and the lake
on the right.

It doesn't look too good from the air ...

... The strip doesn't look a whole
lot better from the ground. Operation
from many mountain strips requires
that the pilot to get "psyched" up before the takeoff or the landing.


Although the strip is "crooked," the takeoff uses only the straight portion of the strip. The equipment (airplane) must be suitable for the strip.









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