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Utah Outback with Todd Peterson

This video allows one to visit some of the best backcountry airstrips of the American West as highlighted in Galen Hanselman's new book Fly Utah!

Take a journey with expert pilot Todd Peterson in his King Katmai while he explores some of the remote and beautiful country in what may be the last aviation frontier of the American West. Ride along as co-pilot while Todd flies the actual approaches and departures to some benign and some challenging backcountry airstrips.

Utah Outback is a high quality production, not a "hey, watch this (dumb stunt)" video. Neither is it a video on "extreme flying." Rather, it is a tool to provide pilots with valuable insights to prevent their own backcountry flying explorations from becoming "extreme." While not an instructional video, it clearly demonstrates Todd Peterson's level-headed decision making process in visiting these remarkable places.
– Galen Hanselman

Join Todd as he gives you a bird's-eye view of operations to the relatively mild mannered and "easy" Mineral Canyon airstrip. He moves on to the more and more challenging strips of Angel Point, Fry Canyon, Nokai Dome, Happy Canyon, Hidden Splendor, Dirty Devil, Wee-Hope Mine and Mexican Mountain. A small portion of the beauty and challenge of southern Utah unfolds through the windshield of the Katmai. See for yourself the techniques to check out the airstrips and then fly the approaches while receiving Todd's expert advice as each segment of the operation is revealed.

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Color, 53 minutes
DVD format
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