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Backcountry Idaho with Todd Peterson DVD Movie

The Backcountry Idaho with Todd Peterson video allows you to explore the scenic wilderness, vast pine forests, and steep canyons in search of the pristine beauty of the Idaho backcountry.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take a 1 1/2 ton airplane into and out of a backcountry airstrip the size of a postage stamp, this DVD shows just how it is done. Right as co-pilot with backcountry expert Todd Peterson, as he explores the beauty, majesty and challenge of Idaho's backcountry flying. Listen to Peterson's live step-by-step commentary as he explores some of the remote and magnificent country featured in Galen Hanselman's FLY IDAHO! book. Make approaches and land with Todd, then follow through on the departures of these spectacular backcountry airstrips in Todd's high-performance, custom designed King Katmai.

The key words in backcountry flying are "skill" and "safety." From Johnson Creek to Vines and Lower Loon, Todd displays an ample amount of both as he starts with easy strips and moves on to the most challenging that Idaho has to offer.

Pilots of all skill levels will truly enjoy the exhilaration and adventure of Idaho backcountry flying at its best.


Color, 63 minutes
DVD format
Weight 0.2 lbs (3 oz.)

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