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APR-304 DENALT Performance Computer


APR Computer back

The APR-304 DENALT Performance Computer provides anticipated performance under various density altitude conditions based upon sea level performance numbers for your airplane.

There are "How-to-use" instructions printed on the unit, but it is a simple matter of dialing in the outside air temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) and read the "takeoff factor" and "rate-of-climb factor" to apply to the normal sea level values obtain from the Owners Manual or Pilot's Operating Handbook.

Details: Align the temperature in the upper center window, then reading the pressure altitude along the TAKE-OFF window (left) and RATE OF CLIMB window (right). The windows provide a FACTOR to be multiplied to the sea level takeoff distance and a FACTOR to be multiplied to the sea level rate of climb performance.

The FACTOR windows contain variable-pitch propeller and fixed-pitch propeller aircraft numbers, so one computer works for all airplanes.

DENALT stands for DENsity ALTitude


Metal, 3.8" diameter
includes Instruction Manual
Shipping weight 0.2 lbs. (3 oz.)

APR Computer front

The other side of the computer is for speed/time/distance calculations. Instructions are printed on the unit. It can also solve density altitude, true airspeed and true altitude problems.

Guaranteed against defects of workmanship and material under normal use for a period of one year.

Comes with a complete instruction manual.


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