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Backcountry Idaho with Todd Peterson

Backcountry Idaho DVD MovieShort airstrips in a King Katmai! What's a Katmai? It is a converted Cessna 182 of custom design and high performance. Check the LINKS section for Peterson/Performance Plus to read about this amazing airplane.

Backcountry Idaho puts you in the co-pilot seat to encounter many of my favorite airstrips in the Idaho backcountry. Indulge your senses in the pristine beauty of a scenic wilderness, pine forests and steep canyons. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit these strips personally, now is your chance to have a vicarious experience enjoying the challenge and majesty of backcountry flight while Todd Peterson takes you into and out from some challenging runways.

"While the videography is spectacular, this DVD is also filled with helpful and interesting comments for both pilots and passengers."
– Galen Hanselman


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Color, 63 minutes
DVD format
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