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Idaho Airstrips - Private Airstrips

The following airstrips are presented for the purpose of showing the types of strips where Idaho bush pilots operate. DO NOT LAND at these strips without prior permission.

Badley Ranch Airstrip

The Badley Ranch airstrip is located on the South Fork Salmon River where it joins the Salmon River.





Mackey Bar Airstrip

The Mackey Bar airstrip is located on the Salmon River about 2 miles downstream from the Wilson Bar airstrip.

I'm not certain about securing permission to land here. I was invited to speak to a group staying at Mackey Bar. When I talked with the people at Mackey Bar they would not allow me permission to land; something about I didn't have enough experience.




Pistol Creek Airstrip

The Pistol Creek airstrip is located upstream from the Indian Creek airstrip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.






Shepp Ranch Airstrip

The Shepp Ranch airstrip is located on the Salmon River at the confluence of Crooked Creek. This is a guest ranch. It may be possible to secure permission to land here. Telephone 208-343-7729. Google the Shepp Ranch for their website.





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