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Idaho Airstrips - Mile Hi

WARNING! The information presented about the Idaho Airstrips is not intended to replace flight instruction from a competent instructor for flying to or landing at any of the airstrips presented. DO NOT attempt to land at Mile Hi until you have received instruction on the proper approach, the spot method for landing, and short-field landings. The airstrip is suitable for Super Cub-type performing aircraft. Although much information may be presented, it is not sufficient to cover all the hazards associated with these backcountry airstrips.

Mile Hi

The Mile Hi airstrip is located on the north side of Big Creek, about 10 miles west of the junction of Big Creek and the Middle Fork of the Sale River. If you turn north at Vines airstrip, Mile Hi is on top of the ridge to the west (left).




Mile HiFlying over Towhead Basin toward the north, Mile Hi is visible to the west.





Name: Mile Hi
Identifier: None
Elevation: 5,831 feet
Lat: N45-09.08 Long: W114-59.54
Surface: Grass
Runway: 01/19
Length & width: 560 feet by 30 feet
Remarks: Highly experienced mountain pilots only. The first 540 feet of Runway 19 appears usable. IT IS NOT. Runway may suffer deterioration.


Mile HiMile Hi AirstripThe Mile Hi airstrip is located between the ridgeline to the west (right) and the ledges to the east (left). Land on runway 19, takeoff on runway 1. During the initial part of the approach, the strip does not look too intimidating. As you approach the strip it is apparent that erosion has made the first 540 feet unusable.

A steep area to the west of the end of runway 19 may provide a run-out area, if needed.

CAUTION: Most of the strip cannot be seen during takeoff. The prudent pilot will make mental notes of the area during the approach and landing, then visually inspect the area on foot in order to maintain runway alignment during the takeoff. Use extra vigilance.



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