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Airstrip Junkies
by Colin M. Graham

Stocking Meadows – Clarkia, Idaho
Private / CPTPA

Elevation 3,850

 Stocking Meadows airstripID33 in the 1920s there was a forest ranger in change of this area. He rode a horse named "Stocking" and he would occasionally allow the horse to roam free and eat the grasses in the meadow where the present day airstrip is located. The name of the meadows is "Stocking's Meadow." CPTPA came in during the 1960s and cleared the meadow enough to make a usable airstrip. The one runway, 9/27 is 3,000 feet in length, considerably downhill to the west. The approaches are quite hazardous. I would recommend obtain a briefing from CPTPA's Chief Pilot Johnny Steward before operating here.

Check out or call 208-476-4114

This airstrip is open to the public but is "use at your own risk."


Ted Luark Airstrip – Huson, Montana
Private / Ted Luark

Elevation 3,500

MT62 Don't land at this strip. Ted Luark owns the airstrip that resides 9 miles NW of Huson, Montana. The airstrip is located on top of a ridge. The single runway is only 500 feet in length and each end of the runway drops into a steep canyon. The canyons are about 300-400 feet deep. He added that there are many trees around the airstrip that tower to 100 feet. Mr. Luark flies a Kit-Fox aircraft in and out of the strip for fun when the weather conditions are ideal.

No contact information. Don't come here.

Tuweep Airstrip – Tuweep, Arizona
Public / National Park Service

Elevation 4,682

L50 Tuweep is the second and last airstrip on the north side of the Grand Canyon. It's runway is dirt and it is reported in poor condition. The airstrip is just outside the NPS boundary. Runway 2/20 is 3,400 feet in length and 40 feet wide. A sign greets the pilot, "Welcome to Tuweep International Airport," and during the summer it can seem that was. It is located about 13 miles east over a ridge from the Bar 10 ranch.

A caretaker, Clair Roberts who flies a Cessna 170, is often found here. Clair has a home about one mile south of the airstrip within the part boundary. He monitors 122.9 for traffic when he is home. The elevation is 4,682 feet. The canyon rim is 6.3 miles south of the strip and what a view it presents. This strip is one of the best.

Van Vleck Tells Peak – Kyburz, California
Private / Stanley Van Vleck (deceased)

Elevation approximately 7,000

CA50 This strip has been owned by Stanley Van Vleck and family for years. It now sits decaying on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, about 15 miles west of Lake Tahoe. The main grass runway is 3,500 feet long surrounded by large pine trees. In the pictures below it appears the departure should be to the south because of the large trees. The strip is fairly flat.

The airstrip is located well off the beaten path in El Dorado National Forest and the surrounding property is governed by the USFS. The Van Vleck family has a series of cabins on their land. The Forest Service now used these cabins as visitor lodges. They can be made available to the public for a nominal fee. See for information.

Thanks for Mr. Joseph Moylan for the information and photos.

The airstrip is closed and no longer in "official" use.

Wilson Ranch – Telluride, Colorado
Private / Todd Wilson

Elevation 9,580

CO95 and CO68 Wow, Todd Wilson a nice guy. These two airstrips are some of the highest in the U.S. at 9,600 feet. Todd lives here, about 10 miles from Telluride. There is a main airstrip and a "mini" airstrip about a stone's throw away, but considerably higher making it impossible to taxi from one to the other.

The main airstrip is 4,800 feet in length. According to Todd it lies north to south and has wide open approach. The airstrip is rather flat. Todd has had many different types of aircraft in and out of his strip, including some multi-engine aircraft, Cessna Caravans, and Cessna 180s. He said he currently flies taildraggers in and out.

CO68 is on the same property but separated by a 300-foot cliff that it is perched upon. It is 2,000 feet long with a 4-percent downhill slope to the west.

Todd says if anyone would like to fly into the airstrip they absolutely have to talk to him first so he can determine the pilot and aircraft capabilities. The strip may seem to be long and friendly but it is located at an extremely high altitude.

Contact Todd Wilson at 970-729-0717

On 03-17-2005 Todd writes: I was pleased to see the Ranch included in your directory. I have a new contact number 970-729-0717. I am happy to speak to aviators and aviatrix interested in flying in to visit. I am also planning to sell a couple of exclusive building sites.

More additions to come - check back

I talked with Galen Hanselman and have elected not to research the airstrips he has already covered in his books FLY IDAHO!, FLY THE BIG SKY!, AIR BAJA!, and FLY UTAH! I highly recommend his books if you intend to visit any of those areas.

Additions are welcome. If you know of a unique airstrip that should be added to this listing, send me an e-mail: Colin Graham

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